Celestial Beings


Before describing the observations of my subjects, I shall introduce the beings in general as well as an outline for the logic of the research. If you are not interested in this and wish to immediately read the observations, scroll to the chapter starting with "The Cervitaur".


I have pondered over the mythology from Greek and Roman times based on the constellations we still see in the sky. I questioned why would a whole society of people choose to believe in such stories if they were not true or have proof of it. Akin to the bible being proof that their God exists, I wondered if there was any sort of proof besides the drawings and stories found on pots and plates. Besides anything that was already discovered and found by the greed of the present mankind. So I found a map, and I knew where to look. They were constellations, drawn in our skies, but also beings that had the capabilities to return to Earth. I have yet to know what they truly are, but I have stuck to calling them Celestial Beings for now. Are they dangerous? Do they intend harm? Based on the mythology, some of them are quite dangerous. I intend to find this out, for the sake of myself and those around me.

The Cervitaur has been spotted near streams not too far into the woods. Specifics for species are what appear to be caucasion female for the top and a combination of an axis axis and cervus elaphus. Mark of Orion present on the human half's lower belly.

Celestial Beings

Celestials would be angels, grim reapers, “guardians” like Inari’s foxes. They don’t quite fall in line as Gods, but many are Deities or other such beings. Much of the time, they are servants to a God/Gods and or exist in the Heavenly Realm. They are also known to be creatures of myth that come from the sky. There are multiple different interpretations of what a celestial being might be dependent on the mythology it originates from.